TIR vehicle, truck and car tire services

Passenger car tire services - no waiting!

We offer tire services for passenger cars:

  • tire replacement
  • wheel replacement
  • wheel balancing
  • vulcanisation

State-of-the-art machines for installing and balancing wheels, a professional jack.
Option to buy new tires at attractive prices!

TIR vehicle and truck tire services

We offer comprehensive maintenance and other services for TIR vehicles, trucks and vans: TIR vulcanisation, tire replacement and mobile services for trucks available 24/7.

TIR vehicle, truck and car tire services TIR vehicle, truck and car tire services

We welcome all drivers from the area of Tczew, Pruszcz Gdański and the Tri-City - we are never far away!

The table below gives examples of distances from nearby locations:

Pruszcz Gdański 14 km
Tczew 14 km
Pszczółki 3 km
Sobowidz 4 km
Skowarcz 4 km
Różyny 7 km
Łęgowo 10 km
Gdańsk 24 km

Roadside assistance for trucks

Roadside assistance for trucks

Tel.: +48 517 598 189

24/7 Mobile Service

Secure parking lot for trucks

Secure parking lot for trucks

Tel.: 691 282 444

Monitored 24/7

We support sports

Rapid-Trans is one of the main sponsors of the Potok Pszczółki football team.